Shavers have various power systems and the majority these days are cordless ones which allow pre-charging before you can get them to work. Those best electric shavers that can only be charged exclusively in a charging base can’t be plugged in when their battery run down. Others have quick-charge system for powering them up for a 3 to 5-minute shave. There are those with LCD or LED indicators for you to know how much battery life is left.

Corded units provide continuous power but some people find it bothersome to deal with the cord while shaving and they can’t use the device without an outlet. However, there are many electric shavers that can be used either with cord or cordlessly.

There are two basic types for men’s electric shaver to choose from; the foil and rotary head cutting systems. Foil shavers slide a thin, perforated metal sheet over the skin’s surface. The hairs then penetrate into the shaver’s foil, which are cut by the blades that vibrate rapidly to perform a scissor-like action. A shaver with a rotary head cuts hairs poking through a metal face and its round heads have spinning blades. It is easier to clean and has a quieter motor. Some shavers come with a trimmer which is helpful if you prefer to grow or maintain mustache, beard or sideburns.

An electric shaver for dry use is a good one when you shave just about anywhere. It can be used for quick touch ups when you are on the go, in the gym, office, car or anywhere you may think of shaving. However, most men prefer to shave in the shower or with a shaving cream because of the closer shave they get. For those who want a shaver that does both functions, wet and dry electric shavers are available in the market.

The best electric shaver for another individual is not necessarily the best for you. Men’s electric shavers are specifically designed for use on the face to remove tough and coarse hair. Women have softer, finer hair and they shave most parts of their body like underarms, legs and bikini lines so the ones for women use less powerful motors than men’s shavers. Men will be disappointed when they try to use women’s shavers due to their slow motors, and women must not use men’s shaver because their finer hair may tend to dull the blades and clog their mechanisms.